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    • " What Pickleball has given to me "

      Pickleball was First introduced in India almost 10 years back, Its been relentless passion and Focus by the Association ( AIPA ) to get this game to almost 16 states in India and with more than 1500 + players

      Personally, for me, This Game Pickleball, has changed my life and if at 47 yrs of age, if i can say i have been actively playing a sport and that too at national level its unbelievable.

      From my history of a Bad back 5 years back, where even walking 100 meters was painful ...and cut to 2017 where playing Pickleball is the only motto and the greatest happiness of my life , it can be a recreational play or playing a tournament for a whole day consisting of 8 to 9 matches and 4 hours of play. 7 days a week

      If not for Pickleball, my life would have been an extremely non-event full, I would have maybe lived much more sedentary life but the biggest achievement of Pickleball has been making amazing friends in India and Worldwide , this game just like any other game is cutthroat but when it comes to comrade off the court it has no comparison at all. we might be the fiercest of competitors on the field, but off the court is a ball, its always a part about sharing and caring and that's the USP of this amazing sport Pickleball.

      Just can't miss Pickleball even for one day, its a routine for life and Oxygen for life.

      Blessed we are the players who are involved with Pickleball, we have been really fortunate to be able to play this amazing Sports Pickleball.

      Thanks to all the Association all over the world who work hard by devoting Time, money, energy and selflessly Promoting this sport worldwide.
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    • What Is Pickleball
      While many people hаvе nо іdеа whаt pickleball is, this sport has taken many active adult communities by storm. Originating in the northwest, on Bainbridge Island in1965, pickleball is named after Joel Pritchard who wanted to entertain his two bored children. So he picked up a ping-pong paddle and a wiffle ball and began a trend beyond his wildest expectations. Although this phenomenon started on the opposite side of the country, those in the southern states can't get enough of this fun activity.

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